A Garden Civil Wedding
A Vintage Garden Setting
Lars & Kristine
Norway, 2014

Kind words

"I am so extremely grateful that we contacted you and that we started this journey, we were meant to meet so that you could make us the perfect wedding!!"

Kristine Galta, Norway, 2014


The couple

Lars and his family spent many wonderful summers discovering the beauty of Naxos and it was always his dream to be married here. Kristine agreed and had a romantic vision for her special day that we were able to reproduce exactly.


A vintage garden setting was her dream and  Naxos had the perfect place. Majestic trees swaying over a big patio with a natural stream on the edge of a traditional village. 


We intertwined burlap and lace for a stunning vintage styled Sweets table.  The whole we transformed into a  romantic setting with beautiful blush colored pom poms on the trees, light balls and swaying ribbons and every little detail thought of by the bride and executed with love by Islandevents.gr 

Sourcing & planning

We were able to plan and style with all materials sourced on Naxos for everything from the photo booth to the guest book table. The bride ordered some items from Etsy which we received on the island.

Fun & memories

The fun started with the bride and her friends and lots of champagne at the hair dressing salon and the next time they saw her she was stepping down from a horse and carriage - a truly majestic entrance.  There were tears of love and tears of joy when the bride sang and  then lots of laughter with an amazing slide show - skits and speeches and their favorite songs and it all ended up with wild dancing. 

Photos by

Michele Witteveen