A Symbolic Ceremony
Plaka Beach
Etienne & Joanna
Germany, England, 2016

The couple

A fun loving couple from Germany and England who just wanted to bring their family and friends together on a Greek island and celebrate their love for each other.


On their most favorite beach - in front of their most favorite Greek taverna - simple, sandy, sunset happiness- with some waves thrown in.


The brides' dress turned  out to be the most amazing glittery gold creation - when she told us we set about to match the gauze on the arch and on the table and even the plates so everything was her favorite. We even managed to play a recording of the brides' piano rendition of the grooms favorite song and that was a hit!

Sourcing & planning

Planning downloads - tasting greek pastries - advising guests on water safety at their amazing villa with a view - these were some of our varied duties with this happy gang.  We chose an excerpt from "Ithaka" by Cavafy to recite with their vows and the guests were captivated. 

Fun & memories

One memory we will always have is when the bride arrived at the beach without her bouquet- she quickly announced "I wouldn't have room to carry it anyway as I need both arms for my parents" all was well and she set a happy, fun loving tone for the entire Celebration.